From concept to strategy, through amplification, execution & sales to profitability & exit, Alyson is the Brand Imagineer who can help Make It Happen.



The FMCG industry is littered like no other with the bleached bones of those businesses that started with an amazing ‘got to have it’ idea, but failed to survive at, or indeed even get to, market.

Of the thousands of beauty brands to be launched every decade, only a very small handful make it through the first year, less get to year 5, and only 1 percent see the business through to a successful exit.

In 2003 Alyson imagined, created, envisaged, developed and sold her global beauty brand, Vita Liberata, for a very meaningful (undisclosed) multiple 14 years later.

Alyson survived the stresses and strains of building an FMCG business through a global recession. Turning the idea into product, the product into a Global brand, taking the brand to market with retail sales of circa 50m, creating profit, and building a business that achieved a very successful exit when acquired by Crown laboratories.

Her journey has taken her from the porch of her home in the village of Parkgate, Northern Ireland to the board rooms of NYC where she remains a valued member for high growth potentials. Vita Liberata twice received the Queens Award for Export, and Alyson was personally awarded the royal honour of MBE for services to Industry in 2018.

Alyson will help you unlock your business potential to win with…

A truly meaningful network of contacts.

A wealth of experience in local and global FMCG markets.

A tremendous breadth of knowledge in all the key commercial skills.

A visceral understanding of what it takes to build a brand.

A passionate determination to see her brands succeed.

Alyson knows what it means to need to scale your business without access to the right talent. Those you can afford don’t have the experience or knowledge you need. Those who have the experience or knowledge, you cannot afford.



Who should I sell to?

What is the right retail price?

Are my cogs reasonable?

When do I start to export?

How do I start to export?

How far ahead does my business need to plan ?

How do I raise money?

What does an investor want?

What is the retailer margin expectation?

Is my gross profit attractive?

Do I need to make fundamentalchanges or tweaks?

Am I selling the right product?

Am i talking to the right people?

Where do i find my customers?

Is all business good business?

How do I survive?

What is my plan?

What is my next hero product?

Where do I go next?

Who can help me?

If these are the questions that haunt you at 5am, crowding your mind with fear and uncertainty, then Alyson Hogg, Brand Imagineer, should be your next call. Alyson made the mistakes, got the scars, learnt how to survive and then how to thrive.

She has the hindsight, you have the vision, and drawing on her skill and experience as a Brand Imagineer together you can de risk your business and even most importantly – Make it happen.



No question is too stupid, no worry is unreasonable, no ambition too great. If your business has hit a point where you need help with the development of your Strategy, NPD, Plan, Marketing, Execution, Sales or route to Exit please let us talk about what we can do to help, and, most importantly, how we can make sure you can afford it.

From fee structure, profit share or equity partner, there are lots of ways to get us involved. We are here to help you Make it happen.


My sweet spot is post startup businesses with a global mindset that want to build, scale and exit.

It was not easy to do this for myself. It cost me my home, important time with my family, and on several occasions it almost cost me the very business I had spent years building

To survive I had to find reserves of strength i could never have imagined were within me. So now I use this deeply painful knowledge and experience to pull ‘my’ companies out of rabbit holes, redirect them from the cliff edge, and steer them towards a more profitable, scaleable, valuable space.

My job as Brand Imagineer is to think beyond, beside, above, below and always in the space of the unexpected. My success depends on helping my partners become warriors who build warrior like teams, supporting them to lead from the front and push from behind, always knowing that in the end we shoulder this thing side by side.

My greatest pride is watching my warriors turn into leaders themselves.

My mantra: Make it better, do it right.